Reasons To Try Blindfold Sex

Another interesting thing you can introduce into your bedroom is a blindfold. Engaging in blindfold sex can be one of those ways you can spice up things in your bedroom or build a deeper trust and intimacy between you and your sex partner. In this article, we focus on how blindfold sex can transform you and your partner to new heights.

  1. Blindfold sex spices things up

Engaging in sex with a blindfold on is weird but not so weird that you could not tell your friends about it. Blindfolds are rarely the path to hardcore S&M (Sadomasochism) action, but they are also not standard fare in your bedside drawer. In the event that what you want is spicing up your sex life without becoming too crazy, blindfold could be the very first thing you need.

  1. Inability to see clearly can Reduce Inhibitions

Are you worried or concerned about extra-intense bedroom faces? When you have a blindfold, you do not worry about this. Forget the worries associated with your “O” face. When you cannot look straight into your partner’s eye, you won’t be too much concerned about your appearance. And in the event that you do not worry about your Cirque du Soleil-like face contortions, you can really let go, which can lead to stronger orgasms.

  1. Shutting Down One Sense Intensifies Others

A gentle touch with his fingers on your thighs, as an example goes from standard to electric in two seconds flat at the time you couldn’t see it coming. Absent your vision as a crutch, you will focus more on his moans that does to accompany breath, the flavor of his ChapStick, and the aroma coming from the aromatherapy candles you lit before you tied on his necktie. When you cannot see anything, all the sensations you perceive, the scents you smell, and the tastes you experience will become much more intense.

  1. Blindfolding increases trust between partners

It has been found that blindfold sex strengthens your relationship. It requires a lot of trust before allowing yourself to be blindfolded while your man takes the reins. When your man earns this with each new and pleasurable move, this improve your sexual relationship between you and your man, which makes sex even the visible kind very much better.

  1. Blindfold sex adds an element of surprise

At the moment when you cannot see things coming, every minor thing you see will be amazing to you. Having sex with a blindfold on can be the best time to bring things such as feathers, ice, and oil among others. Play it like a game and make sure that you run anything that will feel good along with your partner’s body but never reveal to them what is coming. Keep them in suspense by keeping an amazing element.

  1. Blindfolding Your Partner Puts You in Control

Blindfolding your partner puts you in control; you are responsible and thrust you with their whole body. What accompanies this trust is power, and this can be a great motivation mostly for an individual that has been adapted to being more submissive. When your partner puts on a blindfold it reworks the dynamic in a sexy way. You later find out you like having a turn to be in charge.

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