How Yoga Can Lit Up Your Sexual Life

How Yoga Can Lit Up Your Sexual Life

If you are a yoga enthusiast, then you would probably be happy that there are more benefits to yoga, and if you are not, then you should probably start thinking of joining the train. Aside from the obvious health benefits of yoga such as energizing the body, helping you to be in total control of your mind and body and allowing you have a peaceful sleep, Yoga increases sexual appetite and satisfaction too and you are about to find out how:

Strengthening the Pelvis

You must have heard about kegels times without number and how useful it is to strengthen the pelvic floor? Yoga also helps you achieve that. With poses like warrior (1 and 11) or pigeon, you are able to increase blood flow to your pelvic region which in turn gives you intense orgasm when used during sex. It also naturally tightens the vagina which gives your partner increased sexual satisfaction.

Increasing confidence during Sex

Some people are self-conscious about taking off their clothes. They don’t want their partner to see them naked, mainly because they are not sure of how they look. Yoga helps you take away that shyness by helping you accept your body the way it is. Self –acceptance and non attachment are part of the core values of Yoga. When you practice yoga, part of what you gain is that you no longer think that you must have a body type for you to look great or lasting longer in bed. You will be comfortable and contented in your own skin which would make you more sexy and appealing.


Those long stretching yoga sessions can’t be a waste now, can it? With Yoga, you do not have to think about the missionary position when trying to have sex. Yoga helps you try out different sex positions with ease. This is because you become more flexible and can bend the parts of your body in whatever way you wish. You don’t have to worry about cracking your skull or breaking a bone in your spine. You can try out the fusion, wheelbarrow, squat thruster (butter churner), the ballet dancer, and many other energetic sex positions when you are flexible. It helps you maintain a position without breaking a sweat or enduring the sex. Sex becomes more fun and fulfilling as you can get sexual pleasure and ecstasy from trying out different styles. Very often men feel that flexible women are sexy, not to mention the yoga pants that turn men on almost immediately.

Keeping Focus

Yoga teaches you how to keep focus of things which are more important at the moment they are. For example, people tend to drift to some pressing problems such as house rents, official deadlines or probably the fact that they are not good enough for their partners. These thoughts can reduce sexual performance if not halting the whole process immediately. But with yoga, you are able to tune your mind into concentrating on the pleasure you are deriving from the thrusting and grinding with your partner. You cannot be distracted because you have learnt the act of letting go of things by being more open minded.