5 Tips For Good Sex

Finally having the chance to have sex for the first time? It is clearly understood that the idea of “losing it” can be nervous, but this does not get rid of the enjoyment from sex. We have heard, talk about it, watch it and even masturbate so often. It will be a very different experience … Read more5 Tips For Good Sex

Safe Sex For Adolescents

safe sex

What is safe sex? According to some health care providers, they are of the opinion that the only safe sex is simply no sex. The only natural form of “safe” sex could be abstinence. There are some risks associated with all forms of sexual activities that involve contact. By following some precautions and safe behaviors, … Read moreSafe Sex For Adolescents

Male Oral Sex Tips – From A Woman’s POV

Couples understand that a healthy sex life includes all varieties of sex, one of the best men like most is oral sex. Men on the other hand enjoy oral sex so much, this is their favorite sexual experiences; but how is it for the woman whom provide the pleasure? Some of the tips here, which … Read moreMale Oral Sex Tips – From A Woman’s POV