How to Make Her Want More Sex With You

Sex has been one of the necessities of life if you don’t know that then you’re having the most boring time of your life. Most men, who are at the ripe age, time of their life, supposed to be flirting and mating are stuck inside their little apartments, whining about how horrible the world is and how miserable they’re going to be until they’re old and weary. You better get that attitude fix soon or else, these things will come true. When you finally meet a girl whose smile drives you wild and makes your heart beat like a drum, then, for crying out loud, don’t ever let her go. Make wild love (yes, it’s called lovemaking) with her and make her yours forever — what more, here are the top tips on how to make her want more sex with you — and make you both live happily ever after (okay, we can’t be perfect at everything, at least something good about our sexual life):

Make it mind-blowing each time

Don’t just have sex solely for the sake of having sex — come on; there can’t be more pathetic than that. Each encounter should be treasured and cherished — and it’s always a call to be creative and mind-blowing. So don’t rush it, dude, everything is much beautiful when it’s slow.

Make extra time and effort with foreplay

Never ever forget foreplay, especially when you’re making love with a woman — her body should be taken with much care and sexual desire — when you do, she will start to be more heated up and much fired-up for sex. Turning you on is a turn on so take time to make her moan first. Women just take more time to start their ‘engine’.

Make it exciting and sizzling. That means you need to unleash everything you know under your sleeve. You should be more inspired, adventurous and inventive with sexual positions and make her anticipate each moment with passion. Making love is nothing without passion so give it drive and make it feel good.

Make love, not have sex. It’s time to unleash your inner Romeo, be a sensual lover and sweet — couple romance in making love. It’s essential you make her feel loved and cared for during the act — whisper sweet nothings in her ear during sex — I mean, making love.

Make it dirty and naughty

And that includes dirty talking. Sex is not sex if it’s not wild and exciting,  so sizzle and spice it up by saying naughty and sexy things to her, it will heighten her imagination and might just dirty talk back at you — now that’s what we call communication. Be NAUGHTY at sex, you may make her go wild.

Go for a second round

Ever wondered why women love to cuddle right after sex? It’s because once you peaked, they’re already heated up and prepared for the second spill of orgasm that’s why you better be all geared up for round two. Women are capable of multiple orgasms that’s why you need to spar on that one. Good luck!

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