Four Hot Sex Positions To Try Out

Most couples would rather die than to try out any sex position other than the missionary position. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a cool sex position that allows the woman to feel the full essence of the manhood while the man goes deep and feels the vaginal walls of the lady. It’s also a great if you are trying to have a baby. But, the point I am trying to make here is, you cannot stick to just one position when there are a million others waiting to be tried out by both of you which is creates more fun and passion in the bedroom. Here are some of the hottest positions:

Cowgirl position

This is also known as the woman on top. It is one of the best sex positions loved by both sexes. The cow girl position allows the woman to be in control though the man can offer a little help from time to time, just like the missionary position where a man is in control but the woman can arch her back and help in thrusting.

The cowgirl position have a stimulation on the clitoris and allows the woman direct the penis wherever she wants it. The man can also move his waist up to enable him thrust deeper inside her to make it a combined effort. In this position, the man is able to get a full view of her breast as it wriggles up and down during the act. He can decide to hold, squeeze or rub the areola while she is working on him. This position also helps men lasting longer in bed as they may not feel as good as they are on top.

Reversed cowgirl

You want a view of that ass while it is bouncing on your penis, then you need to try this out. The man lies down with his legs stretched out while the lady spreads her legs over them with her knees touching the bed and she goes low till her vagina can touch the penis cap which she inserts and strokes away. Here the lady is in total control of the strokes while the man just relaxes and make sure he doesn’t ejaculate in a five second, it is that intense! The lady can give herself support by holding the feet of the man while she bounces away.

The Man Chair

Imagine taking a chair to the balcony with your lover behind you naked and you sit him down on the chair while you slid off your panties, move in between his leg, turn your back and fix his penis in and start grinding. His knees or the arm of the chair could be your support. He can grab your breast while you grind on him till you both scream in satisfaction.


This is either a good night or good morning sex. If you are not active enough for a rigorous thrusting and bouncing, or your partner is heavily pregnant, this is the best position for both of you.

Your partner lies on her side backing you while you also lay on your side facing your partner. Grab her waist as she slightly open her legs for you to penetrate. Gently go in and stroke slowly. It gives a calm and romantic feeling.