Exercise And Erectile Dysfunction

We all know of the importance of exercise. And people have intuitively known of its importance since the earliest forms of civilization itself – perhaps even before that. We were made to move and go about our lives in this way. One of the downfalls of advanced civilization is that we have fewer reasons to move. And this can cause very serious issues down the road.

One of the potential symptoms that may arise as the result of a lack of movement is erectile dysfunction. This is the condition when a man cannot create an maintain a sufficiently strong and long-lasting erection to have intercourse. Many people find it a surprising fact when they hear how many men have this issue.

One of the most important things that you can change in your life in order to potentially resolve this issue is exercise. There are many different categories of exercise – but one of the main divisions is between aerobic (cardiovascular) exercise and anaerobic (strength) exercise. Both of these forms are important for your sexual health and, in specific, for the ability to get an erection.

First of all, cardiovascular exercise is called such because of the fact that it will work your cardiovascular system. This includes the heart with the blood vessels and the lungs. People that do aerobic exercise typically have much stronger hearts and healthier blood vessels than their sedentary counterparts. And having a strong, healthy heart and healthy blood vessels is one of the most important things when it comes to erections.

Then there’s strength training. Strength training, unlike cardiovascular training, will put an emphasis on your muscles and strength. You may wonder how this can relate to fixing erectile dysfunction. Well, strength training is directly related to the levels of testosterone in men’s bodies. Lifting heavy weights is one of the best things that you can do in terms of increasing your testosterone. As you may know, testosterone is one of the most important hormones for men. It’s directly related to many processes in men’s bodies – and it’s especially related to men’s sex drives. So, by increasing your testosterone (with strength training), it will increase your sex drive. And lack of sex drive due to low testosterone levels is one of the most important and frequent causes of erectile dysfunction.

It’s important to create an exercise regime that will incorporate both these forms of exercise. In order to do your cardiovascular training, you may incorporate half hour runs three to four times a week. Or you could do some swimming, cycling – and even regular walking. All of these are forms of primarily cardiovascular exercises. Hitting the gym and lifting weights is one of the most powerful strength training methods in existence. So, you may also want to incorporate going to the gym for an hour or so, three to four times a week.

You may check out (High-intensity interval training) HIIT in Youtube if you are not interested to hit the gym and there aren’t any place for you to workout.

If you are able to practice any of these, then chances are that you will at least alleviate some of your erectile dysfunction problems. In many cases – you will completely resolve this issue. The power of exercise and its relation to your sexual health cannot be overstated.