Communication During Sex

Communication During Sex

It is generally accepted that everyone can have better sex and a better sex life when coupled with good communication. Being open and communicating what works and does not work for you during sex is not just a direct way to get what you want but also a way to be more clear and close with your partner. Communication is good for your sex life and your relationship in general.

There are some individuals who are uncomfortable, shy or even vulnerable when it comes to communication about sex. The communication can be based on their sexual desire in the bedroom or what sex makes them feel.

The great part is that communication during sex does not have to be like porn. If vulgar words do this to you and your partner, this is great however there are lots of other alternatives. In the event that you sense that you are not connected or have a good communication, there are many ways to get it done which are very simple, so there is nothing to be intimidated by. To get it started can be a little bit difficult and scary.

Below are six ways to have a better communication in bed that are totally tame this is because body language counts:

  1. Make use of it as foreplay

In the event that you have the sensation of being susceptible or uncomfortable talking during sex, the best way to get this done is to have a better communication before sex, this should be a path to sex.  In case you start talking about something you think, or even better, about something you would like to try, you lay the foundation before you are naked and you will not feel embarrassed. You can even begin foreplay with just a text. Foreplay with the brain is amazing, you can do it in the morning or afternoon in your office, and make them think about it the whole day.

  1. Use memories

It is difficult for some people to talk about fantasies, however referring to memories. Sexual things that have already happened with your partner can feel much safer. If you say “I loved it when we …” or “I cannot help but think when you …” you are not deviating from there as much, because you are talking about the real fact, but always make sure you find out what you like.

  1. Pay attention to the positive

This is so important. There is no one who would like to hear “That does not feel good.” or worse: “What are you doing?”. Instead, making a suggestion of something else you really appreciate, with as many compliments as possible.

  1. Encourage your partner to share

Communication works in both ways, and one of the most effective ways to get started is to take over leadership. If you know this is something they care about, then it’s not fair but if your partner feels more comfortable talking to you during or about sex, ask them to help you by giving an example.

  1. Using noise is also important

Sound such as, moans, and groans, sighs, all that – they’re sexy. If you are not ready to express what you want or need, the use of noise can be a flawless way of giving positive reinforcement. It’s a way of showing but absent the feeling of self-consciousness.

  1. Body Language

Noises can be too much for you. Without concern, one of the best ways to communicate is the use of body language. Whether you are holding their hand, moving your hips, react positively to what you are doing or even adjust, change your position. You can be self-assured and communicative with your partner without spewing a single word.

  1. Just say yes

Of course, not to something you do not want to do. But just saying “Yes” or “There” – everything that is unambiguously motivating your partner to do what you love is completely permitted and will not feel ridiculous. That’s really easy.