Benefits Of A Romantic Sex Vacation

Benefits Of A Romantic Sex Vacation

Vacations are times when you have a break from all the work and stress that has been sapping your energy and denying you of satisfying sexual life. It is very important for couples who wish to maintain that special bond and connection even after ten years, to plan a vacation once in a while. Going on a romantic vacation will help your relationship in so many ways, here are some of them:

Alone time

A sex vacation will give you ample time to invest in your sexual relationship. You are not woken up by an alarm, rather you lie in bed all day, exploring the different parts of your partner’s body.

Brings back the romance

Admit it, when you are overly stressed at work, it takes you time to get a hard erection to have sex with your wife. Some men complain they do not even have a sexual urge for their partners, not because she is no longer attractive or they are tired of sex with the same person, they just don’t feel the sexual urge coming anymore. This can create a lot of tension around the relationship, especially for the woman who may feel her partner is getting sexual satisfaction from someone else, which is often not the case. Most times, the cause of less sexual urge is brought on by stress. Stress kills libido faster than anything which is why a vacation is needed, to de-stress and bring back the romance in your life. Vacation affords you the opportunity to enjoy sex with your partner without restriction. It’s just the both of you, on the bed for as long as you want.

Reconnection with your partner

How long has it been when you last had a hearty laugh with your partner? It’s almost beginning to look like both of you work to take care of the children and neglect yourselves. A sex vacation will give you time to reconnect on the levels you both were when you first met. There is a lot of time to catch up on what each other has been up to, talk about your next stage of progress and end the day with hot romantic sex. You’ll discover that after a reconnecting session with your partner, sex feels different that night. You feel like you know where she wants to be touched and she will know where to touch to make you get to cloud nine. This is because you have both created to reach into each other’s soul and entwine yourselves to each other again, making your relationship last longer.

New memories

A sex vacation will create new memories which would come from the adventurous sex escapades you’ll experience. You could plan different locations to have sex. It could be in the hotel where you lodged, the park around the hotel, swimming pool and whatever location you are comfortable using. You have these memories to hold on to which will help you when going through tough times and will make you anticipate your next trip.

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