Balanitis And Male Sexual Health

Balanitis is a disease that attacks the head or the foreskin of the penis. In most cases, uncircumcised men get this condition. It’s typically not a serious illness that affect male sexual health – though it can cause discomfort and pain in some cases. You can resolve this sexual problem by using some medication.

The main causes of balanitis are some chronic infections and skin conditions. You have to be careful with your hygiene, too. If you don’t clean your penis enough – then this may cause balanitis. If you overclean your penis – then this too can cause balanitis. It’s important to find the proper line between these two extremes and keep your hygiene at an optimal level.

The essence of this disease is bacterial or yeast overgrowth on the penis. And typically, the conditions are favorable for these pests to grow and multiply due to the wetness of the area.

You can also cause this disease by using aggressive soaps and shampoos laden with chemicals and perfume. So, one of the smartest things to do in the treatment of this disease is to discontinue the use of these chemically-laden soaps and shampoos and only use a regular soap.

There are some kinds of medication that can be an indirect cause for balanitis. Some sleeping pills and laxatives, among others, are known to cause this condition. It’s important to consult your doctor and take care of the priorities.

The condition presents various symptoms to the person that has it. There may be an itchy feeling in the area of the penis. There may also be painful sensations. You may experience a discharge from your penis. If there is swelling present in the area – then this may cause a direct pressure on the urethra. If this happens, then you may also experience a painful sensation when urinating.

Diagnosing balanitis is a rather straightforward process. A doctor will be able to instantly diagnose it because the symptoms are usually visible. Also, if there is any discharge, then the doctor may take a sample of it in order to determine if there are any fungal and bacterial overgrowths. Then you will get a recommendation for the treatment.

In most cases, the infection will resolve with a steady regimen of cleaning the area with warm water and a regular soap. Again – be sure to discontinue the use of any aggressive soaps. The doctor will also determine if you need any anti-itch creams and sex pills that you can take. Be sure to follow the doctor’s advice.

Balanitis is a frequent condition that, by estimations, affects one in twenty men. The good part is that it’s usually not a serious condition – albeit there are exceptions when you can face permanent consequences like scarring of the penis. You can typically resolve it with good hygiene and taking some prescribed anti-bacterial and anti-fungal medication. Taking good care of your hygiene is a good way to maintain your sexual health as well.

In all cases – it’s recommended that you talk to a qualified medical professional and let them do the talking. The condition will harmlessly get resolved in most cases.

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