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The key ingredients found in MAXI2 revolve around SEVEN types of herbs, with Red Ginseng being the main ingredient.

Red Ginseng is a scientifically-proven herbal aphrodisiac and testosterone booster that is fast becoming super-popular in the Western world.

So while conventional erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs treat impotent, premature ejaculation by redirecting blood flow, this formula goes one step further by also fixing the problem at the libido (labido/libedo) level.

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I never believed the claims of herbal sexual enhancers that treat impotent, premature ejaculation & erectile dysfunction. Until recently…

A friend of mine told me about some sex pills he was taking for sexual stamina. They were called Stamina RX. He gave me 6 of these pills and said to take two about one hour before sex. I tried them and had some success, though not as good as my friend had claimed. There were also some unpleasant side effects: rapid heartbeat, dull headache, things like that.

But my curiosity caused me to search the internet. I surfed around different websites and found MAXI2. The more I researched this product, the more interested I became. Especially when they said to beware of certain products containing substances that are banned in certain countries. I was entertaining the thought of asking my doctor for Viagra or some other drug to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and treat impotent until I heard that they were causing blindness in some cases. Not a good choice.

I decided to buy MAXI2 in hopes that the claims made by them about its performance were not just a way to scam honest people with real sexual problems out of their hard-earned money. Plus, it’s very stressful to give credit card information to companies you never heard of in the US, let alone overseas companies. Well fortunately, Bio-Pills came through and I received my 10 capsules in about ten days. I got them on a Friday.

It was hot and humid all night with a freak thunderstorm that lasted several hours. I decided to take 2 MAXI2 about 3 am since I wasn’t sleeping anyway. I laid there next to my sleeping wife wondering what was going to happen. We sleep naked, always. I guess about 30-40 minutes rolled by and I was laying on my back trying to think cool, listening to the thunder and watching the lightning light up our room. Not thinking about sex.

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It felt great! My penis was fuller than ever before. My wife had an intercourse orgasm which is rare for her. She most always orgasms by oral stimulation. When I had my orgasm, it was very strong and my penis stay hard for some time afterwards. Usually it goes limp within seconds after orgasm. I was amazed at the things my penis was doing the rest of the weekend. I’d take a shower and it was hard. I sat on the toilet, it started to get hard. I’d walk into the kitchen with a hard erection in my pants, it was wonderful and amusing at times. I was feeling the effects on Sunday morning though not as strong but still noticeable.

To make this long story short, I had 3 orgasms in less than 24 hours. My penis had not felt this alive since I was 20 — and that is pretty good for a 52-year old man. I am definitely going to continue buy MAXI2 sexual enhancement pill and recommend it to all my friends and family. Thank you very much!”

(Scott, San Diego, CA — via email)

More customer review? Check our Maxi2 Review here.

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